District Finals.

Posted 21 Mar, 2011 07:30 PM by Ron

Hey Everyone.  Here is the information for district finals.  Like I said, we're going to try and use online registration and accept payments the day of the event.  If It doesn't work, we'll go back to mailing in registrations by the deadline.


District Finals will be held at Kankakee 1st church April 8-9.  The cost is $25 for the first team, $15 each additional team.  Online Registration is DUE no later than the end of the day Sunday April 3rd.  We will be giving out awards to the top 8 teams, top 20 quizzers for the day, and top 16 quizzers for the year. 

On-site registration begins at 6:30 on Friday night with the opening meeting starting at 7:15.  Please do your best to be on time.  We are hoping to do a 2 team round robin, so it is important that everyone arrive on time.  We will have snacks available at the church.  The last round of quizzing will be start at 9:15 on Friday.

If you think that you might want housing, please let Sara know as soon as possible.  A few of our families might be willing to host, but housing will be VERY limited. 

Quizzing will start again at 8:15 on Saturday morning.  We will be providing lunch at the church for $4. There will be a final tournament and our hope is to finish finals by 3:30 pm. 

Top 16

Quizzers who qualify to compete in the top 16 quiz-off and their coaches will be provided with dinner on Saturday night.  If any additional people wish to stay and watch top 16, they will need to purchase a dinner ticket for $5.  These tickets will be available until 2 pm on Saturday.  We hope to be able to announce the top 16 by noon so that everyone has time to find coaches and arrange for extra meal tickets to be purchased.  Anyone without a dinner ticket will not be able to eat dinner at the church.

If a quizzer qualifies for top 16 and chooses not to participate, we will continue down the list until all 16 seats are filled.  We ask that quizzers notify us as soon as possible if they will not be participating, in order to offer those spots to the next quizzer.

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Posted 25 Jan, 2011 08:20 PM by Ron

Hi everyone!  I hope things are going well for you! Remember to keep studying.  It's easy to forget to review or not make it a priority, but its really important!

I just wanted to let everyone know that registration is open for the February quiz.  Remember, the quiz will be in Chicago Heights on Feb. 12.  We'll cover chapters 1-18 and Northwest Indiana will be joining us!


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January Stats

Posted 18 Jan, 2011 05:37 PM by Jeremy

Hi Everyone!

Great job at the quiz this past Saturday. Thanks to Bill, the stats are now available on the Statistics page. He's also updated the Year To Date along with adding a section with Year To Date sorted by average. You can now see it sorted by first name or average.

I hope you're all staying warm!

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Posted 08 Jan, 2011 03:37 PM by Ron

It is seriously cold out.  And it has snowed a LOT since the last time we've all met together.  Just a reminder that registration is open for our Quiz Jan 15.  Please complete registration or email us prior to noon on Thursday! Also, we need everyone to do their best to arrive on time (830) saturday morning.

Due to the scheduling change, Scott and I have a family gathering that night (and next day) in St. Louis (which was planned on our one free weekend initially).  IF anyone is willing to stay late to help ensure that things get cleaned up at Chicago 1st, please let us know, we would really appreciate your help. 

Study hard this week--sometimes it's hard after a holiday to get back into it, but you can do it!

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