Posted 08 Jan, 2011 03:37 PM by Ron

It is seriously cold out.  And it has snowed a LOT since the last time we've all met together.  Just a reminder that registration is open for our Quiz Jan 15.  Please complete registration or email us prior to noon on Thursday! Also, we need everyone to do their best to arrive on time (830) saturday morning.

Due to the scheduling change, Scott and I have a family gathering that night (and next day) in St. Louis (which was planned on our one free weekend initially).  IF anyone is willing to stay late to help ensure that things get cleaned up at Chicago 1st, please let us know, we would really appreciate your help. 

Study hard this week--sometimes it's hard after a holiday to get back into it, but you can do it!

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Good luck and have fun!

Posted 10 Dec, 2010 10:18 PM by Ron

I hope everyone has a great time quizzing and hanging out at the december quiz at Northside or Gilman!  Merry Christmas, keep studying!

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Posted 08 Nov, 2010 06:00 PM by Ron

Reminder:  Location change.  The quiz this saturday is at Bradley Nazarene. Please be on time (8:15 is when registation opens, with opening meetings starting at 8:45. Remind your quizzers that anyone who can quote 7:14-24 as well as Bonnie will get a fantastic prize during the opening!  Most of you should have gotten an email from Karl.  If you didn't...we're having a baked goods fellowship time (which probably needs a better name).  Please bring some treats and plan to stay a little while.  Here's the details: 

* All teams please bring pies or other baked goods (cookies, cupcakes, etc) to share.  This is totally to SHARE - not as a fund-raiser.  Extra 'brownie points' (pun intended) for seasonal treats - I'm talking about PUMPKIN PIE!!!  But variety is nice, if you want to bring something else.  :)
* When the quiz is all finished - most of us will start 'sharing' with each other.  This will start when the St Louis Top Ten are announced and have to meet on the platform to make plans.  While they meet - the rest of us eat!! :D  But... yes, we will save them some.
* Bradley Church is happy to let us stay and do this.  We will need to make sure we put everything back in order after we're finished though - so plan to stay and help with that as much as needed.
* We'll ask those coaches who do NOT have anyone qualify for St Louis to take a lead role in managing the distribution.  Oh... we'll also need some paper plates, plastic forks, etc (volunteers?).  Oh - and whipped cream!
* As I said - not a fund-raiser.  HOWEVER - if Bradley Church wishes to provide some hot drinks (coffee, tea, hot chocolate, hot apple cider) to go along with the desserts, at a modest price - that would be great!

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Posted 05 Nov, 2010 12:26 AM by Ron

Hey everyone!!

Wanted to make sure everyone knew that the quiz for November 13th has been moved from Manteno to Bradley church of the Nazarene.  The address is 195 N Douglas, Bradley, IL.  As far as I know at this moment (since this is a last minute change) they won't be providing lunch.  If that changes, I'll send out an email. 

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