a few days..

Posted 07 Sep, 2011 10:20 PM by Ron

Who's up for some 4 square after the quiz (as has become the tradition!) ?  Anyone interested, bring a ball, and some tape, or even chalk!  We'll supply the people!!


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Good times!

Posted 25 Aug, 2011 08:51 AM by Ron

I hope everyone had a great time at Quizmania, making new friends, and learning a little more about quizzing.  I'm excited about all of the new people --here's a special welcome to Chicago Summit and Chicago Heights who are joining us this year! 

As you prepare for the quiz in Joliet--here's a few things to remember: Please try to register by NOON the thursday before the quiz.  This helps us make the schedule and prepare for the day (give numbers to the people preparing lunch, etc).  I will do my best to have information out to you early next week about lunch, and about any other information you need to know.

Good luck getting started! Have a great season!

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Posted 23 Jul, 2011 12:55 PM by Ron

Hey Everyone!  Quizmania is a little less than a month away. Here are the details!  I sent out an email with a flyer and registration form about a week ago.  If you didn't receive one, please let me know.  I hope to have a registration form up on the website as soon as I can get Jeremy to put it here!

When:  Friday August 19--6:30 pm -- Saturday August 20--3:30 pm

Where: Kankakee 1st church  1000 N Entrance, Kankakee, il

Cost: $15 for quizzers, $10 for adults (late night snack, breakfast, lunch and quiz portions for quizzers)                     There is a $5 late fee per participant after August 14th. (registration accepted day of)

All participants need to bring bedding and appropriate sleepwear.  Sleep areas are on carpeted floors, so plan accordingly. If you have questions, don't hesitate to call, text, email, facebook or come by the house!

It's going to be an exciting season!!  See you soon!!




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Urgent Prayer request!

Posted 26 May, 2011 08:30 PM by Ron

Hey everyone. 

Bonnie was just admitted to the hospital with kidney failure. Please pray for her strength and peace during this very difficult time.   She has been a long time dedicated member of Chicago Central Quizzing, and she needs us to lift her up.  As more details become available, I will try to post updates on this post. 

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