Posted 13 Jan, 2012 12:37 PM by Ron

Hey everyone!

The snow has been plowed.  We are still having a quiz tomorrow.  Please do your best to arrive on time.  Come in the south entrance doors near the sanctuary/cafe area for registration as we cannot get upstairs until around 9:15.  All of our afternoon activities will be upstairs.  Also, registration will actually begin at 8:45 to allow a few extra minutes travel time.  PLEASE respect this and be on time.  Leave early. :) 

In other news: Lunch is NOT being provided at the church this year.  There are several fast food locations just south of the church a few miles.  These fantastic options include White Castle, McDonalds, Wendy's and Jimmy Johns.  There may be other places, but those are a few of the options.  Plan accordingly and please respect everyone by doing your best to keep to the schedule at lunch time. 

See you tomorrow!

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Help for the January Childrens quiz!

Posted 10 Jan, 2012 10:30 PM by Ron

Karl is still incorporating "jump-quizzing" into our Children's Invitational Bible Quizzes.  At the October Quiz, we were able to do this in conjunction with the Teen Quiz happening at Naperville. 

Karl was not able to come up with a helper to handle this for me at each Children's Quiz - but the Lombard Teen Quizzers helped out at our November Children's Quiz and the Manteno Teen Quizzers are planning to help out at our February Children's Quiz.

That only leaves the January 21 Children's Quiz at College Church, University Campus.  Yes - that IS the week of District NYI Snowball Retreat.  So, if there is any Teen quiz group not going to Snowball, and not otherwise occupied that weekend (the Northside Teens are going away on another trip), I would really, REALLY love to have you help us out in January.

All you would have to do is about 4 sessions of demonstrating jumping, and letting the children quizzers try it.  If you bring enough quizzers,he  may also put you to work scorekeeping or working with the children quizzers in other ways. Karl will be at the Teen Quiz this Saturday at Chicago First Church, if you want to help out please let him know. 

Thanks for being leaders to the next generation!!  :)

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Posted 20 Nov, 2011 12:38 PM by Ron

It's thanksgiving week, and only 2 weeks until our next district Quiz. I am making an important schedule change, and hope that everyone gets it! Please confirm that your church got this information. I am also posting the change on ccdquiz.org Ready: HERE IT IS: THE DECEMBER 3 QUIZ will ONLY be over chapters 11-12. After very careful consideration, we realized the following. The quiz is a week earlier than normal, thanksgiving is in the middle, and chapters 11 and 12 are both pretty long. (they have more verses than 1-4 in total). So, in an effort to keep everyone successful in their study, and not rush or half study a chapter--we are ONLY quizzing over 11 and 12.THERE IS a TON of really great stuff in 11 and 12, so I really don't want anyone to rush through it.  The ENTIRE history of our faith is available to us--something to be thankful for!  What an awesome story!


That means the January Quiz will be over 3 chapters (Hebrews 13, 1 Peter 1 and 2). There are almost six full weeks (but of course christmas and new years) between the December quiz and January Quiz, so hopefully this won't be too tough for anyone.

After having said all of that: Ron Marklund will be in charge of the December quiz as Scott and I will be in St. Louis. We will still be helping recruit officials, set up schedules, etc. The quiz will be in gilman. It will be fun. So, if you're able to officiate or have equipment--please let me know. I'm also opening registration this afternoon. :)

The final bit of information: budgets for Q2012 July 2-7 have been approved and we will have information to pass out hopefully in December. Since Olivet is the host location, I hope several of you will encourage your quizzers to attend. They can quiz as a local team, or participate on a district team, and we will mix everyone up according to their abilty. They offer both experienced and novice level quizzing at both the local and district level. It is a ton of fun. We want to have a strong showing since we're the host district and region! Start talking about it now. Cost should be under $200 and includes lodging and meals for the entire week.

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November Quiz...

Posted 26 Oct, 2011 11:09 PM by Ron

Hey everyone! 

I hope that you're all continuing to study and work hard.  Hebrews can be tough, but it'll get easier again--right around chapter 11 :) 

Hey! Click this ---> Operation Christmas Child packing Link to remind everyone of what items could be purchased to meet our goal of filling 100 shoe boxes!  Get shopping!  Also, remember that our offering will go to help pay for the shipping of all the boxes (its almost $7 a box to ship).

See you soon!


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