District Finals information!!

Posted 16 Mar, 2013 08:44 PM by Ron

STATISTICS for FINALS ARE POSTED UNDER THE Statistics link in the top menu!  Congratulations to all teams and quizzers.

Hi all!

Here's what you'll need to know for District Finals.

REGISTRATION should be completed online NO LATER than APRIL 1st!  This will allow us time to make the schedule.  The cost is $5 per quizzer. 

Friday April 5th, we will begin registration at 6:30 and hope to start quizzing by 7:15.  We will do 3-4 rounds on Friday night.  We understand that if you are coming from more than 2 hours, this may be difficult, If you would like to confirm your roster and are running late, please call and let us know.  DO NOT CALL at 6:30 to tell us you're going to be late.  Please try and call by 6, so we can verify your roster and estimate your arrival.

Saturday April 6th-We will begin quizzing again with our first round staring at 9am.  The church will be open at 8:30, but we will not have an opening meeting.  Once we have completed the pre-lims, we will take a break for devotions and a few other things.  We will then have a full tournament (likely double elimination).  We will post individual scores during lunch for coaches to verify, and Top 16 qualifiers as well. We hope to finish up with the team finals by 4pm. 

We will then do our Top 16 quiz, and we encourage people to stay and watch for a round or two if they'd like.  We will provide dinner during Top 16 for each top 16 quizzer and their individual coach. 

A few things we ask:  If you have a quizzer in the Top 20 that does NOT want to compete or does NOT qualify to go on to Regional Celebrate Life (must be in 7th grade to go to Celebrate Life) please let us know so that we can move people up that may be interested in participating. 

If you have any questions, please  check out our "fine print" section at the top, and their is a section on Top 16.  If that doesn't answer your questions, please send us an email.

Any other questions, let us know, we'd be happy to answer them! Study Hard! Lets finish the year strong!

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March Quiz --UPDATED

Posted 02 Mar, 2013 11:07 AM by Ron

Registration is now open for the March Quiz at Chicago Heights.  We plan to continue with having registration at 8:45 as this has seemed to help us get started on time!   We plan to start quizzing by 9:15. 

Lunch will NOT be at the church so plan accordingly.  The nearest fast food locations are as follows (this would be a great opportunity to spend time with another team!): White Castle, Wendys, McDonalds, Subway. 

It also looks like there are a few other local places, but thats what I've got for the moment.  We will schedule an hour for lunch, however, if we get behind, check to see if there are any changes.  (We plan to be on time..really!)


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Posted 10 Jan, 2013 12:54 PM by Ron

Lunch has been confirmed and will be available at the quiz!
it will be about 5 bucks for pizza or a hot dog, chips, and a drink: standard quiz day fare.

as always, we strongly encourage you to support the local ministry of the church that has been gracious enough to host all of us holigans by purchasing lunch and snacks from them.


see you guys soon

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January 12th!

Posted 09 Jan, 2013 09:41 PM by Ron

Hey everyone!

Still waiting on a few teams and officials for the quiz this saturday at Chicago 1st!  We haven't heard any word on lunch yet, but they usually have their cafe open for people wanting to stay in.  Check in will start at 8:45!  Scott and I have both been extremely busy, so please know if you've called, emailed or messaged us and we haven't responded, we aren't ignoring you, we've both just been working a lot, and getting caught up from Holiday events (our tree is still up!).



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