November Quiz at Joliet 1st

Posted 10 Nov, 2013 08:31 PM by Ron

Hey everyone!  Registration for Joliet this weekend is OPEN! They will be serving lunch on-site for $4.  Please go register your teams, officials and equipment!!  We will start on-site registration at 8:30 am and hope to start quizzing by 9 :) lemme know if you've got questions! 

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Hoopeston Details

Posted 09 Oct, 2013 12:04 PM by Ron

Hi everyone! 

We're gearing up for a great weekend together in Hoopeston.  The address to the Hoopeston church is 402 e honeywell in Hoopeston.  It's on the corner of 3rd and Honeywell.

Lunch will be $5 and will be 2 hotdogs, chips, dessert, drink and apple slices.

We will begin registration a little bit later at 9, and hope to start quizzing by 9:30 at the latest.  We still plan to be done by 3:30 or 4. 

We are in need of equipment and officials, so please register those or send us an email if you plan to attend.


See you Saturday!

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Lombard Stats

Posted 15 Sep, 2013 10:19 AM by Admin

Stats for the Lombard quiz on 9/14/2013 are updated.

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Lombard this Saturday!

Posted 11 Sep, 2013 09:04 PM by Ron

Hey everyone!

Guess what!  I just logged in to the site and it looks like only 5 teams will be at the quiz on Saturday.  THANK YOU to Actions speak louder than words, Mundy, Manteno, Chicago 1st and Sheperding group for getting registered.  Chicago 1st was the FIRST team to register, and therefore their registration will be free.  :) 

Right now I could still use another quizmaster --or 2--if theres a bunch of teams hiding somewhere.  (I have Ryan, Pastor Charles, Scott, Lori) and another for content (I have Stephanie, Row, Bonnie)

I can't get a number to Lombard for Lunch until I know who is attending.  I can't make a schedule until...yep.  I know who is attending.  :) 

We will check rosters starting at 8:45 and begin quizzing close to 9:15 -cost to quiz is $3 per quizzer!  Lunch will be provided at the church (Pizza, cookie, chips, drink) for $4.  We always encourage people to stay and to support the local church if possible.  We hope to be done by 4pm.  (This of course depends on the number of officials available).

Ryan will also have information about experienced and novice quizzing at Quizfest--which is a regional tournament in October.

See you Saturday!
Grace and Peace,

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