It's that time of year!

Posted 29 Jul, 2013 12:53 AM by Ron

Hey everyone!

Many of you have noticed that there is no Quizmania this year!  This is in an effort to get you to reach out to others.  Use the month of August to really have a kick-off for your group.  Invite other local churches to join the fun!  Scott and I would love to attend any of the events YOUR LOCAL church plans.  Just let us know when they are.  We'll come to a practice, a pizza party, a weekend retreat, whatever you want. 

This program does not belong to the Christensens.  This program belongs to you.  It is up to you to get your friends excited about learning the Word of God.  We want to be a support, encouragement and teacher to you.  However, we can't do everything.  We need YOU to OWN this program.  It's yours.  From the best quizzer to the worst quizzer.  From the veteran coach to the brand new one--Bible quizzing exists because of you. 

Materials for this year are on the website at If you need help ordering, shoot me an email or text me!  I'd love to help you out. 

Our first quiz will be in LOMBARD on September 14th.  We will be covering Romans 1-4.  We are excited to start the season off in Lombard, and have several new host churches!  If your church is interested, we still have one opening, so please let us know!! 

We would also like to enourage you to bring along parents or other adults that might be interested in learning how to officiate.  The more officials we have, the more fun we can have!  


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