Posted 13 Sep, 2010 03:39 PM by Ron

I was really excited to see such an increased level of competition around the district. I was also superencouraged that over a third of you tried to jump on a memory verse. Also, a big thanks to Angie for applying God's word to our everyday lives. Don't forget, we're looking for other quizzers to do just that. If you're interested, please message or email Sara with the month you would like to do the devotion.

We're giving away a registration to the Michigan Invitational at theOctober Quiz. We want you to know that quizzing isn't always about who can memorize the most or jump the fastest. A lot of times, its about long van rides,overnight trips, practicing verses, or having something you studied pop into your head just when you need it.

Head to the forum--Under the JUST FOR FUN category--look for the WHO WANTS TO WIN topic and share a story about how quizzing has impacted your life in a positive way. You can talk about what you've studied, learned, or a significant person who has made a difference in your life through Bible quizzing. ANYONE (coach or quizzer) who shares a story here will be entered into the drawing to win a registration to Michigan. Feel free to share more than one story, or talk about each other's stories. Gods word is living and active and we want to hear how that is true in your life.

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