Less than a week!

Posted 07 Sep, 2009 01:17 AM by Ron

I'm excited to see all of you very soon!  The quiz season officially starts this weekend at Lighthouse community in Lansing.  I'm looking forward to some great quizzing, and some great 4-square.  Lighthouse will be providing lunch for $ 4.  They will have hotdogs, tacos, chips, good stuff.  They will also be selling concession throughout the day--nachos, candy and whatnot.  They may even have some breakfast stuff available!  It's gonna be a great season, and I am encouraged as we start the Journey through Corinthians together!

Don't forget to get registered early, and to have team members sign up as users to get into those forums.  That way we can stay connected more than just once a month. 

Grace and Peace.

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